Low Tech Mushroom Growing

Date 04 Mar 2021 08:00 AM - 05 Mar 2021 05:00 PM Location The Kul Kul Farm RSVP

Dive into the world of home mushroom cultivation with our 3 day course that will teach you everything you need to grow delicious varieties of mushrooms organically at home in any kind of climate or condition. Growing your own organic mushrooms is a great way to introduce important trace minerals into your family’s diet, and reap all sorts of health benefits from other nutrients in the mushrooms. Together, we will learn the details of home mushroom propagation and introduce you to the fascinating world of fungi. We will go over mushroom species such as Golden oyster, Wine cap, Reishi, White Oyster, Lions mane, Shitake, and more!

This is a very practical and hands on class aimed to give you not only the ability to grow in a basic setup, but to adapt the methods to your particular situation, wherever you are. Our instructor Diego is an experienced laboratory mycologist who will not only teach you the methods, but help you understand the theory behind them. By the end of this course you will have the skills to take a mushroom culture and grow it either indoors in a controlled environment, or outdoors woven into a yard, garden or forest landscape.

We teach techniques that minimise waste and carbon footprint, and emphasize on teaching the theory behind what we are doing – allowing you to take advantage of the natural environment around your property and house. We will learn how to fruit mushrooms in buckets and bamboo culms, as well as growing on outdoor logs and even how to make a beautiful mushroom bed that will fill any garden with attractive weed resilient mycelium, while providing a long term bounty of edible mushrooms.
So if you want to learn about how to grow mushrooms at home, and understand more you’re curious about how to start growing mushrooms in bags, logs or in the ground and how to propagate your own strains for a lifetime supply, join us!

More of what you will learn:
• The basics on edible fungi and an overview of edible mushroom species
• How to grow a range of mushroom varieties included: Golden oyster, Wine cap, Reishi, White Oyster, Lions mane, Shitake, and more!
• How to clone oyster mushrooms you’ve purchased at the market, to make your own culture and grow an abundance of mushrooms at home
• How to make a spore slurry to inoculate a large area of substrate and grow lots of mushrooms
• How to make your own zero-waste mushroom buckets out of bamboo and recycled buckets
• How to set your mushrooms up for success with the right growing medium, equipment, and space to a have a consistent harvest of mushrooms for your kitchen
• How to build an outdoor mushroom bed to grow mushrooms outside in your vegetable garden or food forest
• Best practice for harvesting, processing and storing mushrooms


Diego Garrido is a biologist that has spent years studying life at the bottom of the food chain. After operating commercial mushroom farms in the northwest United States, he moved to Panama to study tropical biology, specializing in insects and mushrooms. While working as a researcher at the Smithsonian Institution, he helped discover new species of mushroom and promote public knowledge of scientific research.
Now after three years in Indonesia, he runs a nearby mushroom farm, and leads scientific expeditions to the remote parts of Borneo and Papua to discover cave systems and new species of plants.

A bamboo container with grain spawn we’ve inoculated in the workshop together ready to fruit for you at home!
3 x Farm Lunches, snacks, drinks, coffee and tea

We are located in the little village of Sibang Kaja in Bali, Indonesia, just a 2 minute skip away from the renowned Green School, 40 minutes from the capital city Denpasar, and 30 minutes from Ubud. Our farm is filled with food gardens, rainforest trees and some animals. Your ticket does not includes accommodation on the farm. However you can chose an accommodation option for 3 nights from September 13 -16, for an extra US $100 including 3 dinners and 3 breakfasts upon booking (Lunch is included in your ticket fee). We have 8 bamboo yurts amidst our sugar palm grove. The yurts are shared and include fans, mattresses, fresh linens, lockers, composting toilets and warm showers. Meals will be prepared fresh for you each day. Vegetarian options will be available at every meal.

We are welcoming a maximum of 20 participants for this workshop. Please place your booking as soon as possible. We understand that sometimes things happen, and if you need to cancel your ticket we will give you a refund, less a US$ 50 admin fee, 2 weeks prior to the start date of the course. Within two weeks of the course start date NO refunds will be available.


USD$ 295 – $350. *Subject to minor changes based on the day’s exchange rate. If you would like to make payment in Rupiah please get in touch with [email protected] or whats app us on +62 811 389 6070.