GET YOUR COMPOST ON with Slow Food Bali

Join us with Slow Food Bali to learn the essentials of creating good backyard compost using the Bio-Vital Method pioneered by Paul Taylor, permaculture and soil fertility expert from Trust Nature in Australia. The Bio-Vital Compost method focuses on ensuring your garden soil has a complete range of nutrients and a high level of beneficial micro-organisms. It is simple to make, easy to maintain, and fun. Especially when you see the benefits it has on your plants!

During the Workshop we will make a proper compost pile from start to finish. You will learn the correct types and ratios of organic waste in your piles, the right temperature to maximise microbial activity, what to avoid in making a good compost and how to apply it to your garden.
This course is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their home garden and speaks basic english. Expect to get a little dirt on your hands and to break a light sweat.

A delicious farm lunch will be served after the workshop.

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