Earth and Bamboo Building Workshop

Learn the bare bones of bamboo and earth construction, two of the worlds most sustainable and abundant building materials. Get hands on experience building bamboo structures, discover the power of clay, sand and straw to create lasting walls and increase your basic knowledge and understanding of sustainable building design.

This two day intensive workshop will cover the basics of bamboo construction and will introduce you to a number of innovative earth, straw and clay building techniques such as cob, adobe, light straw clay, and wattle and straw.

You will leave with a better understanding on both why building with with earth and bamboo is important and how to effectively use these for your own small projects to create interesting structures and living spaces. The program includes both lecture and design time as well as hands on time creating a small permanent structure on the kul kul farm. You will be guided by skilled teachers professionals in the field as well as skilled traditional Balinese craftsman.

This course is suitable for anyone interested in increasing their understanding of natural building techniques to apply both personally and professionally.

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PDC Teacher

Penny Livingston- Starke is a founding member of the Natural Building Colloquium, a national consortium of professional natural builders, creating innovations in straw bale, cob, timberframe, light clay, natural non-toxic interior finishes and other methods using natural and bio-regionally appropriate materials for construction. She will be leading our natural building portion of this course. Bamboo craftsmen and architects who’ve helped build The Kul Kul Farm and Green School will be leading the bamboo building¬†workshop.

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  1. Hi Maria, I projecting to travel to bali in October and I was wondering if you are running any workshop during this time? Thanks

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