bali permaculture farm tour

Permaculture Farm Tour and Planting

Get a peak into how we're using permaculture practices to create a living, production farm to teach skills for growing, designing and living with nature. It will be a morning well spent, topped off with a deliscious farm lunch.

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Permaculture Design Course Bali


Equip yourself with knowledge and skills in permaculture, regenerative design and ecological creativity in a one-of-a kind permaculture setting in Bali.

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Joe Roebuck 1

Bio-Intensive Growing with Jodi Roebuck

Whether you are a beginning gardener wanting a kick-start in serious cutting-edge organic food production methods or you are an experienced gardener wanting to incorporate the biointensive approach into your existing gardening practice, this workshop will not disappoint.

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Worm Bin Blog Harvest 2


Worm farms are a fast and easy way to create microbial rich compost from manure and green waste such as food scraps and garden trimmings. This compost is known as ‘vermicompost’ and is a great way to fertilize your garden and seedlings. Worm castings are full of beneficial micro organisms and fertilizer that will keep your soil happy.

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organic chickens and eggs in bali


Interested in eating fresh, organic eggs straight out of your backyard? Join a two day workshop in Bali to learn how to raise chickens to produce your very own, organic healthy eggs.

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compost and growing food Bali


A 2 weekend intensive that will go beyond teaching skills for growing food to speaking about growing food as a form of healing for ourselves and healing of the planet.

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Ubud Bali Permaculture kul kul farm

Ubud Now and Then | Back to The Land

Canadian writer, gardener and poet Cat Wheeler has lived in Bali since 2000. She is the co-founder of Slow Food Bali. She recently interviewed Orin and other Indonesian farmers on the island who've found their way back to the land.

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Modern Farmers of Bali

The trio recognizes the hard truth about agricultural finances, so they’ve expanded beyond fruits and veggies to host farming workshops and will soon begin hawking garden supplies online. “Young people here don’t see a future in farming,” Hardy says of Bali’s tourism-driven economy. “But I don’t see a future without farming.”

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Kul intern lunch

Become a Kul Intern

We are looking for interns to join us in beautiful Bali to learn new skills, share your passions and have a unique experience whilst becoming part of The Kul Kul Farm. Here’s a little about us.

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