The Kul Kul Farm’s 1st Birthday Celebration

Last Sunday we celebrated The Kul Kul Farm's 1st Birthday, Orin's 28th, and International Permaculture Day.... Yes, it was a big day! Its hard to believe only a year has gone by since we opened our farm doors. Its been beautiful, overwhelming, challenging, but incredibly rewarding.

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Green School veggie basket

Your Green School Veggie Basket

This year The Kul Kul Farm is helping to manage the Green School gardens. This first thing we wanted to do is make the Green School veggies accessible to staff and faculty. This week is our first trial! Almost 20 people signed up. Check out what's in your basket...

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blog p new june

Ready. Set. Grow! A beginners guide to growing your own food

There are a million and one resources out there on starting your own vegetable garden and growing your own food. Here is our take and detailed guide for those considering growing some veg in their homes. Step 1 Know Your Site Plan the size of your garden to match the time you can commit to [...]

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8 Reasons to plant a papaya.

Our papayas here at The Kul Kul Farm are coming into their prime. I harvested over 20kg of them this week and even had an exciting run in with a scorpion and small bird who had made an unfortunate real estate choice and put its nest between two of my ripe fruit. Although I did my [...]

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Moringa seedling blog

Moringa: What’s the hype all about?

The health conscious are all raving about the benefits of this miraculous tree. In Bali its called Kelor, it grows like a weed and the Balinese have been using it forever. Now Moringa’s fame has found its way from East to West; in health stores, raw food cafes and in breakfast smoothies everywhere. So what is it about this scraggly looking tree?

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Raw Food Workshop

Calling Raw Foodies and Yogis

We all know that the desire for health and happiness is a big part of eating raw or practicing yoga. We want our fruits and veggies to be juicy, full of nutrients and wholesome goodness to give us energy. One thing you may not know is that for us to get nutrient- rich food we need to make sure that, first and foremost, the soils that are feeding our food are packed with essential vitamins and minerals too!

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Kopi Luwak: Shitty but good

The worlds most expensive coffee has uncanny origins. Amazon sells a four ounce bag of it for $44.95, and some adventurous coffee shops charge upwards of 8 British pounds for a cup. Unless you're like me and enjoy the occasional culinary adventure, it may be more than the price that quells your curiosity.

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