The Kul Kul Farm’s 1st Birthday Celebration

Last Sunday we celebrated The Kul Kul Farm's 1st Birthday, Orin's 28th, and International Permaculture Day.... Yes, it was a big day! Its hard to believe only a year has gone by since we opened our farm doors. Its been beautiful, overwhelming, challenging, but incredibly rewarding.

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Worm Bin Blog Harvest 2


Worm farms are a fast and easy way to create microbial rich compost from manure and green waste such as food scraps and garden trimmings. This compost is known as ‘vermicompost’ and is a great way to fertilize your garden and seedlings. Worm castings are full of beneficial micro organisms and fertilizer that will keep your soil happy.

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Green School veggie basket

Your Green School Veggie Basket

This year The Kul Kul Farm is helping to manage the Green School gardens. This first thing we wanted to do is make the Green School veggies accessible to staff and faculty. This week is our first trial! Almost 20 people signed up. Check out what's in your basket...

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kul kul farm bali video

Life on the Farm

This is our farm in Bali. We opened the farm last May it has slowly turned into a pretty magical educational community space. This short video was filmed during our Thursday Open Farm Day by Adrian Tan, our neighbour, friend and incredibly talented videographer.

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Kul intern lunch

Become a Kul Intern

We are looking for interns to join us in beautiful Bali to learn new skills, share your passions and have a unique experience whilst becoming part of The Kul Kul Farm. Here’s a little about us.

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blog p new june

Ready. Set. Grow! A beginners guide to growing your own food

There are a million and one resources out there on starting your own vegetable garden and growing your own food. Here is our take and detailed guide for those considering growing some veg in their homes. Step 1 Know Your Site Plan the size of your garden to match the time you can commit to [...]

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Gardening Bali

Gardening in the Rain: A memorable launch party

When we set out to plan our Kul Kul Farm Launch Party we were thinking picnic garden style; sun, warmth, tikar, hammocks and beanbags. Mother nature had another thing planned! It poured consistently and out of the 65 people that RSVPd 32 braved the rains and with drenched clothes, muddy feet, garden tools in one [...]

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Permaculture bamboo intern bali

Student Post – “My first bamboo building: The Kul Kul Activity Space”

I am a Brazilian from Rio and came to Bali after having spent 6 months in India. When I arrived my first sensation was “Wow, feels like home”, but in reality - other than the cheerfulness of its people --it couldn t have been more different. There are amazing treasures hidden in the middle of the forests of this gorgeous paradisiac island; rice fields, temples, rivers and waterfalls... and all the BAMBOO! Bamboo plantations and the most amazing bamboo buildings I have ever seen in my life.

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Soil Clay (1)

Soil…More than just dirt

Soil is more than just dirt. It is a complex creature that comes in many forms. Some soil is clay, others are sandy, some are full of rocks, while others are a perfect loam. But whatever type your soil is, they all like to eat, and to be a healthy soil they need to be full of organic matter and soil organisms.

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